What can cause you to be denied entry to Canada?

Because Canada and the United States share such a long, friendly border, it should be easy to get into Canada from the United States, right? Wrong! Many people are surprised when they are denied entry to Canada at the border. Ultimately, it is up to the bored official whether or not you can enter Canada, but the two main reasons someone would be denied entry to Canada are medical inadmissibility and having a criminal record (criminality). denied entry to Canada

If you have a disease that would generally result in your being denied a visa to Canada, you could be denied entry to Canada. Likewise, if you have a criminal record because of even a seemingly small offence that is decades old (like a drunk driving charge or a drug possession charge) you could also be denied entry to Canada.

How to get into Canada after being denied entry

If you’ve been or could be denied entry to Canada from the United States, you can apply for a visitors visa, also called a temporary resident permit. This will allow you to enter Canada for a temporary period of time even if you would ordinarily be denied entry to Canada without one.

An application for a temporary resident permit normally involves providing all of your personal information, information about your ties to the United States (such as assets, work and family) as well as details of your criminal past if any. If your criminal record has anything to do with a drug conviction, you may have to pass a drug test and provide a clearance certificate from your doctor.

If you’ve been denied entry to Canada or are worried that you will be denied entry to Canada because of a criminal record or medical issue, contact us as soon as you know you’re going to travel to Canada. We can help you apply for a Temporary Resident Permit and help you ensure that everything is in order so the border crossing process goes as smoothly as

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