Can I bring Fruit Across the US-Canada Border?

Can I bring Fruit Across the US-Canada Border?

Most countries have very strict requirements on what you can and cannot bring into the country when you cross the border. This is to prevent the spread of diseases or pests that could contaminate the own country’s supply of whatever the item is, especially when it comes to food items, animals or crops. Fruit across US-Canada Border

Some fruits can contaminate Canadian fruit crops with pests and disease that could be detrimental to the Canadian population and farmers that produce these crops. In addition, the transport of perishable items across borders can result in the spread of unwanted diseases or toxins that can affect humans.

Requirements for bringing fruit into Canada

When it comes to bringing dried and frozen fruit and vegetables into Canada, you may:

Bring up to 15 packages or 250 kilograms of dried vegetables, fruit or herbs per person.
Bring up to 15 packages or up to 250 kilograms of canned or frozen fruit or herbs per person, or up to 20 kilograms of frozen or canned vegetables per person.

Fresh fruit

The requirements for fresh fruit can vary based on the type of fruit and which area of the Canadian border you are crossing over. For example, in British Columbia there are restrictions on potatoes, stone fruit (like peaches and plums) and apples.

You can typically bring up to 250 kilograms of fresh fruit or vegetables into Canada per person, but they must be clean and not contain any branches, leaves, soil, other plant debris or pests.

You may have difficulty bringing fruit into Canada if it is from California, Idaho, Oregon or Washington.

If you are concerned about bringing food over the border into Canada,visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Automated Import Reference System website here to look up a specific food or product.

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