Can I Bring my Dog to the United States?

Our immigration law firm is frequently asked if someone can bring their pet dog with them when they immigrate to the United States. When you bring a dog or other pet into the United States with you when you immigrate to the United States, you are importing an animal. Luckily, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States monitors animal importation and lays it out quite clearly. The short answer is: yes! You can bring your dog to the United States with youUS Dog

How to bring your dog to the United States with you

You will need to prove your dog has been vaccinated against rabies before you can bring your dog with you to the United States. A licensed veterinarian must sign a certificate that states your dog was vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days before you bring the dog to the United States and what the name of the vaccine is.

Your dog may also undergo a visual examination at the US border to make sure that the dog does not pose a threat to humans and is not carrying any infectious diseases that could be transmitted to humans.

If your dog us under three months of age, it is too young to receive its rabies vaccination yet. If this is the case, they must be kept in quarantine until they have been vaccinated and at least 30 days after they are vaccinated. You do not have to put your dog in any kind of government quarantine, you can keep your dog confined in your own home as long as you sign a confinement agreement that promises you will do so.

Immigrating with dogs to the US from rabies-free countries

The United States recognizes a select group of countries as being rabies-free. If you are immigrating from one of these countries you do not need to provide proof of a rabies vaccination from your vet, you only need your vet to sign a statement saying that your dog has lived in the country with you for the last six months.

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